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Please review and accept the following information about Access Direct before searching this directory for a physician or facility.

This is a directory of providers and facilities contracted to participate with AccessDirect. The directory of network providers has been prepared based on the most current information available. The network makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information contained in the directory, but cannot be responsible for errors or omissions. As providers occasionally change, we recommend that you confirm whether a hospital or physician is currently a participating network provider prior to receiving services, by contacting AccessDirect's customer service department at (800) 259-3308 or (903) 579-3918.

AccessDirect does not in any manner participate in or interfere with the provider-patient relationship. All healthcare decisions are between the patient and the provider. Your selection of a provider should not be based upon credentialing or listing of a provider in this directory. AccessDirect does not endorse any provider. Providers listed in this directory are independent contractors and AccessDirect is not responsible for the healthcare provided or not provided by any participating provider. Using an AccessDirect provider DOES NOT guarantee that all services will be covered under your health benefit plan. Treatment for medical or behavioral health (mental health or substance abuse) performed by physicians or facilities participating in the network does not guarantee that your benefit plan provides coverage for these services. AccessDirect recommends the verification of covered benefits from your plan provider prior to the rendering of healthcare services.

Many healthcare providers participate in a group practice where other group physicians may provide services for their patients when they are unable to do so or are not on call. Each member of a practice or group may not be an AccessDirect provider and services rendered by others may be considered as out-of-network.